Wednesday, September 20, 2017

~**Pasture Pets**~

~**Charmed Duo**~

One of the fondest moments to witness is the friendship between pasture pets and this Charmed Duo is a beautiful example of just that love.
Once a year for the past handful of years I have enjoyed creating playful companion duo's and at times was enamored to work with painting artists as Karen Zorn & Mindy Berg.   This Charmed Duo has so many possibilities!

The Charmed Duo started as a Breyer PP running clyde customized by Rikki Lyman (Art by Rikki / Strutt'n Steed Studio).  Complete top to bottom front to back customization!  The shoulder, head, neck, mane and tail are artist original.  Details include frogs, bulbs, gelding parts, more muscling, skin wrinkles, chestnuts, inner lip curves, teeth, tongue, soft friendly eyes that include lashes.....  In addition to insure longevity of your art investment the flowing tail has been reinforced with metal rods and wire, swish swish!  The Kitty is totally original, OOAK!  The prepping and priming has been done meticulously!  Ready for you or your favorite finishing artist.  If you need a recommend I maybe able to help :0)

Thanks for looking!  Please Spread the Love <word*
Many Kind Thanks~ Rikki

A few of the reference photos
Pasture Pets keeping it friendly here.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

~From the Inside Out

Some things you just feel all tingly inside about,  that feeling for me is the passion for art and horses.  The idea of creating this custom equine art stuck with me over the years; the model patiently waited to be pulled from the shelf.  When that moment arose, her beauty came from the inside, ready to get out!
*With that art freedom came Matchstick*

The flow~~

This is the beginning of customizing :0) A little fun here!

First layers of primer to triple check smooth customization and prepping, pretty good!

Happy Safe 4th of July**

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Feeling ArtFul~

Many a Medallion*

Show Pony Heir (live model) Thank You


Stylin Kat ~
Stylin Kat ~ Available 20.+sh

Monday, March 21, 2016

~A Little Drafty

Look who just blew in, a little Draft!
Jaime Castleman (Baker) always blows my mind with her extreme attention to details both in her amazing paintwork and micro photography.  It has been a while since we both have worked on the same canvas so I have included some past art pieces we worked together.  Love them all, but this guy has a little more deeper meaning with our life changes and challenges.  Hope you enjoy as much as Jaime and I did creating this little Draft.
photo by Jaime Castleman
photo by Jaime Castleman 
photo by Jaime Castleman
photo by Jaime Castleman 
photo by Jaime Castleman
A before paintwork photo by Lyman, re-sculpt work by Lyman

*Here is a quick link for a chance to own and be blown away by this Beauty;  bidding has ended

past art pieces together :)
photo by Jaime  
photo by Jaime 
photo by Jaime
Many Thanks~ Rikki

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Day Dreaming

update 3/07/2016
Seahorse~ original LE artist resin unpainted, Ready! 2 left!!
Seahorse~ original LE slight custom artist resin all work by original Artist* Ready!

Drafter~ stablemate custom, A Little Drafty! has BRAIDS & working shoes*
ready!! sold~ thank you Jaime

Pony Kisses~ original LE artist resin all work by original artist ~Lyman, brooch. Ready! sold, thank you :)

Sarah Rose Marwari~ artist resin slightly customized, paint work near completion.

OOAK Sphynx Cat~ wear as a brooch or display, So much detail! Ready!

Reining Splash custom~ painted, near completion.
Biscuit~ smart ranch mutt original LE artist resin (laying down, unpainted). ONE Left! Ready!

1/2 a Biscuit~ original LE artist resin great for water scenes, unpainted no paw.  Ready! SOLD Out*
Mini Cat Pin~ original LE artist resin sculpted from likeness of Sherry Clayton's cat Monkey, unpainted. LAST ONE!  Ready!
Reiner~ custom stablemate, prep/prim for another artist to paint! sold ~ Thank You Jen

Pony Kisses~ original LE artist resin, painted by Lyman to Mini Appaloosa. sold, thank you :)
Pony Humor ;P

Andalusian~ custom stablemate, prep/prim. Ready! sold ~Thank You Zorn
Many Kind Thanks~
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