Tuesday, March 19, 2013

~Living It Up~

Living up to a past great Gem is no easy task. 
A good friend sent me another Alborozo, just knowing how much I adore this mold I feel this is always a golden opportunity to create a new custom sculpture.  I have found a few great references for the up~coming custom Alborozo 2013.  Please enjoy a few photos of the past Gem ~Rozo.

Finish Paint work by Lisa Bickford* Photograph by Jennifer Buxton*
you can also find a link to Jennifer's Blog were she conversates more about the show;
Finish Paint work of Rozo by Lisa Bickford* & Show Photo
Finish Custom Sculpture of Rozo by Rikki Lyman* & photo
The New Guy* :D   ~(in original form)
See you soon

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

~Good Friends*

Look who has shown up on my door step*
I just adore this Breyer mold*
 A friend sent me this guy to tinker on, good friends know your weakness :)  
So after countless referencing photos & watching youtub videos for correct movement that would accentuate the Alborozo mold, I found the perfecto one*
I am soooo Over Joyed with Enthusiasm to start!!!!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

~Taking A Bite Out Of The Apple~

This little Vista has been starved for some real action for some time.  It is time to give him some paint! But what color? Chestnut with Chrome? Dark Mulberry?
Stablemate size  (3.5"x 4" ish)
Vista is a total re~sculpture from a Peter Stone Arabian mold*