Monday, December 16, 2013

More In Miniature

  A long time friend Billie Campbell asked if I was up to a challenge?  As an artist these words are like sultry sirens beckoning!!  Why sure I said!! (before I new the whole scope).  Billie replies; can you make this little one look like a "mini me" to her biggie custom resin Extreme Justice 1?   Fun Challenge* :D
From the start I new this little resin sculpture WeeJay by Sommer Prosser was going to be tricky with matched detail and then some. 
Over time and lots of strained eye focus and cramped fingers {:)} this little weej was completed!!!
This is a photo Journal of  tiny weej in progress*
Finished Custom WeeJ, ready for Artist Paint.

Penciled in the where the tiny custom braids are to be placed.

 The beginnings of sculpting the tiny braids.

 Forelock sculpted on. Plus some fine carving & sculpting of absent face features.

Refined ear work started

New Tail* hole drilled for coated wire/ & or stainless.

 The before photo* later sculpted and carved new even hooves, bulbs, added shoes.

A quick visual compare* :D loving it*

 Added more sculpt then trimmed back some to get some flowing effects in the tail.

Tools Used

 Tools Used, including band aids. ouch!

Extreme Justice 1 sculpture

 Extreme Justice 1 sculpture

Yes, math did play a role in this*
*The Finished Results*

Billie is in the process of giving this weej an awesome detailed finished paint work, maybe I can talk her into sharing here? :)