Sunday, November 20, 2011

~Allekayt to Complete~

This is a close up of detail on face. Almost the whole head was revamped or changed, you would not know unless you had an old model to compare. Allekayt will require a finishing coat of primer followed by buff.  He will have to cure a few days before shipping.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

~Details to Allekayt~

Added tiny mane bands & fore lock bands to Allekayt, within the bands are detailed band creasing - picture when you twist a real rubber band, then how it overlays its self. 
Tiny eye lashes were added and more ear definition. :)
tools used in the customising process were sewing straight pin & older small paint brush.
now for the fun stuff :)  More SANDING....then prim

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

~Closing In On Allekayt~

Worked on some fine facial features that included; muzzle creases, side nose muscling, more pronounced facial bridge, thickened ears, & ear creasing. will continue with light sanding with a 320+ grade sanding sponge. Some shoulder work was involved I will post more photos at a later date.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

~Allekayt Update~

Sculpted facial features & mane with the new 'Amazing Sculpt Clay' I really like it :) it seems to have its own memory & dries smooth. 
facial features included;
*new fore head
*ear bases, veins, & some wrinkles
*new nostrils to simulate a work out
*lip creasing, with new lip corners
*new nose bridge
*head poll added
Then next came the base of the mane, later to be banded. Start indent marks along the length of the mane for 40+ bands, I use a tooth pick.  With a soft paint brush smooth the edges to a softer more realistic look. use up to date real show horse reference guides. mane lengths have varied over the years.