Tuesday, January 30, 2018

~*Rozo to Ozoro*~

For The Love Of Details!

Recently I was contacted by the owner of Rozo to let me know how much she enjoyed showing this custom so much so she obtained Ozoro into her home.  I was thrilled to hear of thier whereabouts and what Rozo and Ozoro have been up to!  After all a person can get emotionally attached to their artwork when you spend 40 plus hours into details {me}.  Thank You for keeping in touch, I love it.

From the will known Rozo

To Ozoro's new start

The ideas for Ozoro were drawn out.

Plans are thought out from real horse movement reference photos.

The before body..

New Neck, re-worked 3 legs, tail, face...the stance moves different. 

Fetlock re-worked, sturdy with thick metal pin.

The underside was reconstructed to a more realistic structure.

:0) Dat handsome neck!!

The fine hair mane begins, reference photos in background.

Tiny tassels are introduced into mane including top threads..

like 48 super tiny tassels!! each having hair like details.


~*~ Man he looks Goood in braids.
Happy Show Home...