Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On The Work Bench

I have started 2 NEW CM's that I have had on my mind for quite some time, so I could not stand the deluge of thoughts any longer and had to "Get UR Done".
Fancy Show PAM & Show Jumper going Hollywood(Arabian) :)**
I take committed offers at any time of their CM'ing process

*Hollywood Arabian = Swayze, has found his way to a committed buyer
upcoming topics;
When the Idaho sun  pokes its rays out again i will get photos of what has been going on in the studio. I would like to also give tips about priming for a smooth finish.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Billie Campbell ~WOW factor~

The super tiny by hair detail Billie meticulously clothed the NEW AR SM Bridger in is OUTSTANDING!!!!! :)***
in hand the NEW AR Bridger blanks are available for purchase. at struttnsteed (at sign) gmail (period) com
top photo is courtesy of Billie 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

~Patootie's final photos

Could you imagine even fiddling with his feet. Patootie is definitely frisky. lol
Patootie did find a show home, but please enjoy the fine photos by Joanne Reese Studio/Photography. If you wish to book Joanne please feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to notify her.

Friday, March 11, 2011

~Bridger ~ Arrives

~Bridger has arrived.

He was cast at Bear Cast LLC - Laf'n Bear LLC, Barry Moore has done a Professional job casting the tiniest detail on a Stablemate size Artist Resin. So for you performance showers you can count on quality plus versatility performance in the show.
Guest Artist Billie Campbell will knock your socks off with the amount of realistic detail she super shrinks into the stablemate size (less than hand palm size) AR such as 'Bridger'. Amazing!!!
This all would not have came about if it were not for the persistent prodding of a dear friend Darla Curtis. I was not ready to face the world, but she assured me I was capable. Darla my family thanks you for that warm push :D
Producing an Artist Resin is an undertaking that is gratefully done with all my family & friends, this could not of happened without your warm guidance. Thank You All

I have copies of Bridger for sale with a very small wait. have some at hand

Thursday, March 10, 2011

~Patootie & Rocky

~Patootie & Rocky have found a new show home. they are SOLD
their final photos will follow :) stay tuned...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

~AL boxed up

~AL is on his way to his new home :D
The Super Pro Photos were taken by Joanne Reese no photo inhancements just good photography!!
Joanne's super delux camer is tons better than my old dinosaur photo taker.
Joanne BIG thanks
follow link

Sunday, March 6, 2011

~Brody progress

   Thought I would take a few photo's of  Brody any way, could not hold my breath for sun light for photos. If you compare his previous photos/Blogs there has been a big change.
   *New jaw line, chin, cheeks. new "I'm so board" nostrils w/ creases. pooky muzzle & hanging bottom lip. sleep relaxed eyes w/lashes. ALL the legs muscled up & revamped. hind quarter muscling on both sides. under thigh muscling w/ creases. flank detailing.
   Before you start an area I like to score the surface a bit. I do this because it gives the apoxy some tooth to hang onto so it is unlikely to have Lifting. you will see this over Brody's withers & top of neck line were I plan to adhere his braided mane with flowers & bows. :D
   ~Brody is available for purchase SOLD

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

~AL final chapter

~AL is 98% complete. just net picking tiny detail. he has had is first coat of primer. AL is sold.


~Patootie is 98% complete as will. just nit picking tiny detail. patootie is from the classic frolic foal. this colt has had his back, barrel, rump, dock, tail, 3 legs, chest re-worked, moved or sculpt. patootie is available for purchase. prep & prim "one of a kind" U-paint.

~Rocky part 5

~Rocky has received his first coat of primer, this is were I will find any tiny missed anomalies. Rocky is 98% complete. he is available to purchase. prep & prim "one of a kind" U-paint.