Sunday, March 6, 2011

~Brody progress

   Thought I would take a few photo's of  Brody any way, could not hold my breath for sun light for photos. If you compare his previous photos/Blogs there has been a big change.
   *New jaw line, chin, cheeks. new "I'm so board" nostrils w/ creases. pooky muzzle & hanging bottom lip. sleep relaxed eyes w/lashes. ALL the legs muscled up & revamped. hind quarter muscling on both sides. under thigh muscling w/ creases. flank detailing.
   Before you start an area I like to score the surface a bit. I do this because it gives the apoxy some tooth to hang onto so it is unlikely to have Lifting. you will see this over Brody's withers & top of neck line were I plan to adhere his braided mane with flowers & bows. :D
   ~Brody is available for purchase SOLD

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