Monday, January 27, 2014

Little Prized Quarter Pony

This was a fun and exciting *Coolaboration* by two artistic friends.
Many Photos.....

Finish paintwork by the super talented Sherry Clayton and custom re-sculpture completed by Rikki Lyman.
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This Sculpture is available for purchase* contact email is on the right hand column ON Contacts
Many Kind Thanks*

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mystical Medallions

Tiny Seahorses are mystical creatures that swim in the sea and guard a pirates loot.  At least from an artists imagination they can exist and brought to splendor in resin form for your enjoyment.

A limited Edition of these Tiny Seahorse sculptures are available for purchase.
The Seahorse has been molded, cast and are ready for shipping.  More info and detailed photographs will follow in a up coming post.  Those of you that have inquired already will be first on the list.

Many Kind Thanks ~ Rikki

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

~Getting Attached

Group Hug

 Things are heating up!!

Getting Attached

First; getting drilled

Zap my what?


Look at the new gammys, can run again.

 Add baking soda to Glue make him strong.

Close up

 Foot Fix, a dab of glue then touch bottom hoof to soda.
This is just the beginning for this little group....

Saturday, January 4, 2014

On The Wire

    This past Christmas a family member who loves me A LOT :) gifted me a molding and casting kit, to an Artist this is a cloud 9 super duper gift!!!
But to get started I needed a subject to try out the new art toy*.  So quickly a small package of sculpt clay was broke out and joyously with eager created from an original drawing I had laying around. :) :) glee glee glee.  A Seahorse medallion is born*

But Then.....

     After finishing the seahorse sculpt and after realization set in, the seahorse sculpt was stuck to the plate, ugh! {happy eager artist error}. So with toothpicks and simple wire a make shift wire clay cutter saved the day, crises averted. Onto the adventure of molding.

Make Shift Tool*

 Wrap wire around toothpick for desired length
Thumbs down, wire tight/firm

With a firm see saw action back and forth and in a downward pulling motion the wire will slip through. :)
The finished Seahorse Medallion will be in a future blog on molding and casting adventure*