Sunday, December 23, 2012

~ Eagle Eyes ~

Do not blink ~ just kidding*

The game of "I Spy" with my Eagle Eyes.

Keeping the detail real

Looking for anomalies before the final coats of primer.

"I Spied" anomalies!!!! (circled, lined areas)

(PS Chip mold size 3"x4"ish  *Justin*)
I use a piece of rolled wet/dry sand paper 320+grit from sheets, can find at a hardware store.  Then a pinch of buff grit sanding sponge (fingernail supplies).

Saturday, December 22, 2012

~Setting Up The Big Tent~

~Studio Tip

When the weather is really snappy cold outside it makes it difficult to get a good prim or finish to a plastic model horse properly.  So to prevent sticky, streaking, spitting from your can, or spray to model, try the following tips.

*In a small area~ I picked  a guarded second bathroom, this will be my make shift comparable tent space indoors.

*Prepare a backdrop ~ old towels pinned to shower and placed on the floor.  This works for fixative or finish.

*Light brisk spray from water bottle to help pin down the floaty fuzzies* towards the backdrops. preperation

*The small area was picked so that I can easily keep a nice workable temperature for plastic model, paint, primer, fixative, finish.  Also to control the air flow from unwanted particles or at least to a minimum.  A space heater is at the bottom of photo.  Notice the distance from products. and angle to product.

*Primer~ has a slightly different set up for spraying but the heating is the same. At peak heat of the day, no wind, in a secluded area in a shed, tarps or long strips of plastic hang to make a similar paint tent.  I do not prim indoors any longer the mist dust from the primer spreads through out the house.

*walking distance from shed to bathroom is short for optimum dying at proper temps (back of cans).

*Spray is at short light bursts and not ending directly or starting on model.  Let dry in between spraying. do not do to many coats at a time. 2 to 3 light coats are good enough....

Need to mention, old sheets work the best for backdrops but we were fresh out.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

*Progress On The ~Old Romance~

Overall appearance* although the custom re-sculpt has tiny English braids the western saddle may be out of place ~ maybe western dressage class?
PS QH Chip (3x4"ish) *Justin*
Not totally happy with the micro English braids, I think a little more detail work will be needed*
The first light coat of primer usually helps find any anomalies.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

~Old Romances~ Kindled*

Once was a thing of the past, now has become a current romance!  This little custom re-sculpt was first worked on a few years ago.  He was worked on here and there but I just was not feeling him completely at least until my son's recent English riding lesson and how he always talks of a Quarter Horse that fits his dreams.  *Kindled*
Quarter Horse with English Braids PS Chips