Saturday, December 22, 2012

~Setting Up The Big Tent~

~Studio Tip

When the weather is really snappy cold outside it makes it difficult to get a good prim or finish to a plastic model horse properly.  So to prevent sticky, streaking, spitting from your can, or spray to model, try the following tips.

*In a small area~ I picked  a guarded second bathroom, this will be my make shift comparable tent space indoors.

*Prepare a backdrop ~ old towels pinned to shower and placed on the floor.  This works for fixative or finish.

*Light brisk spray from water bottle to help pin down the floaty fuzzies* towards the backdrops. preperation

*The small area was picked so that I can easily keep a nice workable temperature for plastic model, paint, primer, fixative, finish.  Also to control the air flow from unwanted particles or at least to a minimum.  A space heater is at the bottom of photo.  Notice the distance from products. and angle to product.

*Primer~ has a slightly different set up for spraying but the heating is the same. At peak heat of the day, no wind, in a secluded area in a shed, tarps or long strips of plastic hang to make a similar paint tent.  I do not prim indoors any longer the mist dust from the primer spreads through out the house.

*walking distance from shed to bathroom is short for optimum dying at proper temps (back of cans).

*Spray is at short light bursts and not ending directly or starting on model.  Let dry in between spraying. do not do to many coats at a time. 2 to 3 light coats are good enough....

Need to mention, old sheets work the best for backdrops but we were fresh out.

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