Monday, June 13, 2011

CM AR Barny

**Barny is for sale

Leaky Look @ the newbie


Seeing Stars*

~Liz with her first coat of primer, she is looking all show bizzz.
In a prior blog I mentioned this is were you will find tiny anomilies that may need attention before proceeding to your next coat of primer.  Will that is were we are at with Liz :) nit picking tiny detail.
~Liz is so close to finished.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

~Liz Stars*

~Liz* has been even more refined since our last post and many tiny details added.
Work included;
more skin creases on neck, some crest. pooky side lips with creasing. bottom eye lids. ears creasing at base. refinement thru her eye lashes. veining. refining & ear shaping. forelock added. more sanding with 400+ sponge sandpaper.
The next time you see this Lady Liz she will be primed & on her way to her new home.