Friday, October 28, 2011

~Allekayt A Purpose*

Made it back in the studio :) happy, joy!

Was so enthused with the progress on Allekayte that I missed some in between photos that was meant to be shared.  So I will include a written account of the missed visual.

 After cuts are made I use sculpty clay to help visualize the correct proportions, this is just temporary. The tail is coated wire with many twisted together.

Core of neck is shaped with recycled water bottle, have heard other artists use foil.  Work the basic neck no thicker than 1/8 inch at a time. Later layers of neck muscling will slowly be added.  I mainly use Aves Clay apoxy,  but I am anxious to use Amazing Sculpt that I recently ordered.

Here are some basic tools used, nothing high dollar needed.  Pizza box works as my easel with taped reference photo of real in position horse.  Sandwich bags to protect surfaces. Pop tab for Aves working solution.  Make up applicator tips.  tooth picks. Michael's inexpensive synthetic brushes for smoothing.  Home made ears started for Allekayt.

The part missed; layering of tail in 1/8 in increments.  The ears were folded into a tulip shape before the apoxy had a chance to completely harden.  Gelding genitalia was added. & a WHOLE lot of sanding...

Next; More sanding, scoring surface for show mane, facial detail.