Saturday, May 21, 2011

~Brody & ~Swayze Glamoured*

Will they finally are finished & will on their way to their new home :)

The Beautiful photographing was done by Joanne's Photography = Many Thanks to Joanne*

Friday, May 13, 2011

**Lavished & Layed back ~Brody**

What a life this old Quarterpony has had, & now lavished with roses, braids, & ribbons while he relaxes.
have been working on his tiny expressions. Brody is near completion.

~Sway in the Mane~

~Swayze is just about finished, just nit picking the tiny detail.
Will also be picking on ~Brody some more :) hehe = photo's will follow...

Thursday, May 5, 2011

*The Mane Style

~Swayze needed a mane style that would accentuate his movement & stay correct to his body angles.  In order to get a left in his mane it was done in two steps.
1. scuff the surface so there is tooth for the small amount of apoxy to cling to. This will act as a base for your next step. let dry over night.
2. create a flowing mane. I use tooth picks & smooth with water.  Keep consistent with the body movement and lines of equal to mane & tail. watch your thickness, keep it thin. if you want it thick you will need to do it in steps with plenty of drying time in-between.
Special note; if  you plan on a big mane left, I recommend wire reinforcement.
real horse photos work great for reference

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

~Brody's Prequel

WOW, I realized that part of a good story is a good beginning.  And Brody started his story on paper like most of my ideas, it is a way to visualize the workability.
This is a few days ago (first photo), Brody is approximately 85% complete at this point.
To make the braids I some times use a sewing pin needle to whittle in the detail. If you forget what a braid looks like try braiding three different colored strings.

Now for the other side. If there is a slight hang over or extention I will use plastic for the backing so after the hanging braid dries you can just pull away the plastic & the apoxy does not stick to the model.