Wednesday, April 18, 2012

~Rozo's Story~

Thank You Lisa Bickford for painting, showing, & use of show photos.

As promised to viewers the finished Rozo :D  complete customing photo journal, from start to show Hottie finish, Rozo can tell his story.

Rozo's Journal*
First photo compliments of Lisa

Alborozo from the start - original mold.
Mane & tail were removed (leave rough). Seams sanded. Horse is weighted for counter balance (blob on leg)

air hole drilled between hind legs.  Hole drilled on tail end knob for tail attachment. And Counter balance hole is drilled for fill.
Neck sculpted on along with forehead.  Tail knob started
Head Work
Evening the ears & sculpting the low neck line
Tail Braiding - Layers
Bridge Work
First Prim. Rozo's bobs are wrapped to protect from over spray

Use the light to help find anomalies before & after prim

buffing last coat of primer
Rozo is ready for the Finishing Painting Artist*
:D Ready
Show photo is compliments of Lisa