Wednesday, September 25, 2013

~Cankle Crises !!!

Just a little art humor :)
But really, your sculptures should be as refined as your real life horse.
The real deal ~ glitter bonus*

Base original to compare work to

The cut

Sanding down the thick cankle/ankle with 400 grit wet/dry after apoxy fill hardens

To thick (cankle), keep sanding...

getting shapely


wow* looking good. How much more sanding you ask? more...

new fetlock

cankle to ankle~ Ta Dah!
Crises Averted*
More news later...

Monday, September 16, 2013

~Step Into The Light*

Add Drama*
The set up :)
How to take close ups;
I use a Nikon DX AF-S micro 40mm lens that makes a huge improvement*

I use natural lighting at different times of day so I do not get the yellow light (heat of day), I use mid morning light the most because it is the softest. Overcast days work at times as will.
If you want to create a dramatic illusion photo in direct light you can use hanging drapes, bright fruit, flowers, etc.  If you want no shadows still use the natural light just not direct.

close ups with no hands;
I have my son for help :) lol
I get everything ready and he will take the photo*

In all I have learned through trial and error that natural light is the key to original photography*

Cropped photo/ shadow to draw attention/drama

Add more background interest (candy) to aid in attention to Subject*
Thank You*

Thursday, September 12, 2013

No Leg To Stand On

When you don't have a leg to stand on the repair begins..


what is in her leg?

An old rusty nail?! with wood glue :(   NOoooo

Help is on the way*

Clean out the yucky stuff and start over ;)  the powder is baking soda.

 The Zap glue and baking soda combo help make a strong bond.

Good As New* :)
next vintage color match...see ya soon

Friday, September 6, 2013

~Vintage With A Twist~

Vintage Breyer's can be troublesome to custom & prep as this little stablemate G1 TB Mare was.  But as a reward the finished custom can be amazing!

finish paint work by Jaime Baker, Custom Sculpt by me.

I use sandwich bags at times because they are easy to slip in and out of without moisture. This was the third round of checking for anomalies such as seam lines, rounded canon bones, tiny air holes.

The twist, instead of a mare changed the gender to a steady gelding.

Therefore, the gelding would not look normal with a foal belly. 
The entire belly area was re-shaped.

Ears where completely re-shaped along with totally new hooves. Re-shaped pasterns and added heel bulbs for realism.
The Before Look!
Photo generously provided by Mandy Yontz and cropped by me to show the original form of this Stablemate Breyer G1 TB mare.
Thank You for stopping by*

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

~Digging The Shoes~

:) Adding Shoes to an awesome artist sculpture or custom model sculpt improves a finishing touch.

New Custom Footwear Finish

Finger placement is important in digging the excess Apoxy. See how my pinkie is braced against the sculpture to give more stability and accuracy when carving.

Main tool used in this process :)

Hand view for placement

When possible I may find a comfortable spot to rest my finger/hand for more precision.

Another angle of finger placement

How the Shoe started out before the Digs.  The sandpaper is 320 grit wet/dry type.

Last Look :)
Thank You