Thursday, June 20, 2013

*Mixing IT Up*

Over time a few viewers inquired about colors and layering when painting a sculpture with chalk pastels and acrylic paint details.  Best said with photographs, please enjoy*

"Eli" custom sculpture*

Acrylic paint colors used in fine detail

Chalk pastel colors used on body color.  Start pasteling from lightest to dark, at each spray(fixitive) layer keeping your highlight color exposed as you move on.
The dark hooves of a horse sculpture I generally continue with the body base coloring with chalk pastels and later add the acrylic paint details.

For a softer more blended white shading I use chalk pastels.

Some folks like to grind their chalk pastel before hand and place into containers.  I prefer an exacto knife and shave as needed in a upward motion with little pressure.
Many Kind Thanks to my Viewers

Monday, June 10, 2013

~Crazy Busy & Love'n It

Lots of exciting news!
First is Pico the Playful Pony a custom resculpture done by me, has been shipped to a very talented Artist Lisa Bickford for all the detail finishing paint work ~ so looking forward to the results.
Then is the progress on an awesome very fine to scale artist resin named Padro by Dagmar ~ love him. in progress paint work by me. Future Sales
& WOW!  one of the most challenging to date customs I have done! originally started from the artist resin Ikantu by Lisa Shepherd.  This handsome resulpture went on to the very talented Sherry Clayton for finish paint work*  I have been lucky enough to see the finished paint work, but was asked not to show the end results by the show owner :( sorry about that peeps
The last update that I can show you for now is one of my favorites* I just had the most fun sculpting this cute Little Spring Pony, I just woke each day eager to work on him :)
sales piece
Would like to thank my followers for your wonderful viewing support!


Saturday, June 1, 2013

~Barnyard Babies*

  A beautiful morning followed by an over load of cuteness, the Barnyard Babies filled me with inspiration and joyNormally I only share model horse sculpture related subject on here but felt these babies were to cute to keep to myself.