Saturday, January 4, 2014

On The Wire

    This past Christmas a family member who loves me A LOT :) gifted me a molding and casting kit, to an Artist this is a cloud 9 super duper gift!!!
But to get started I needed a subject to try out the new art toy*.  So quickly a small package of sculpt clay was broke out and joyously with eager created from an original drawing I had laying around. :) :) glee glee glee.  A Seahorse medallion is born*

But Then.....

     After finishing the seahorse sculpt and after realization set in, the seahorse sculpt was stuck to the plate, ugh! {happy eager artist error}. So with toothpicks and simple wire a make shift wire clay cutter saved the day, crises averted. Onto the adventure of molding.

Make Shift Tool*

 Wrap wire around toothpick for desired length
Thumbs down, wire tight/firm

With a firm see saw action back and forth and in a downward pulling motion the wire will slip through. :)
The finished Seahorse Medallion will be in a future blog on molding and casting adventure*


  1. I love that medallion! Is there any chance that it may be released to the public?

    1. :) Thank You Jordan B!! I am in the process of molding and casting the Seahorse. So fingers crossed he makes it, if the seahorse does yes* there will be a limited number.