Tuesday, January 7, 2014

~Getting Attached

Group Hug

 Things are heating up!!

Getting Attached

First; getting drilled

Zap my what?


Look at the new gammys, can run again.

 Add baking soda to Glue make him strong.

Close up

 Foot Fix, a dab of glue then touch bottom hoof to soda.
This is just the beginning for this little group....


  1. You are so brave and talented. I'm curious, what do you use to cut the parts off with? I have a small resin I am thinking about changing the headset and will need to cut the neck some how.

  2. Hello 'A Cat's Tale',

    I use a variety of tools; hacksaw, bandsaw, dremel w/disk, scroll saw, & heat gun w/ blade. With this tiny guy I used a quick dremel. The head change on a subject so small is sometimes easier to resculpt the neck so have plenty of good reference photo available.