Monday, December 19, 2011

~Rozo the Alborozo~ sent back*

Willlll....things were going along well until the first light coat of primer was applied, and you guessed it! anomalies!! so back to the "Nit Picking" department Rozo goes.
Photo. The foil is to protect his new mane thingy ma jigs from primer.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

~Rozo the Alborozo~ continues*

A little more progress was made yesterday as you will note the tiny details on face such as;
*in between the flaring nostril
*detailing around the ear area - creases, rebuilt ear fold
*forelock carefully placed - used real horse reference - and suitable tack friendly
*tiny feather like lashes
*proper side lips

Continued detailing his Vaquera tail;
*with the tiniest running french braid within the tail knot
*sculpted wrap ribbons were added - along with over lapping fold creasing
*12 tassels added

Started the mane;
*3 layered running braids with bands
*24 tassels added

Today Rozo's customing will involve underside work & tiny finishing detail cording to his mane*
complete close up photo's will be soon.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

~Rozo the Alborozo~ continued

Progress on Rozo's tail. He was givin a Raza Vaquera tail. reference can be easily found on youtube on how to knot tail.  more to come....

~Rozo the Alborozo~

   Wow, realized going back through the archives that I have been slowly picking away at Rozo the Alborozo.  My mind is set to have him complete and ready for the new owner before years end. 
   This is just a teaser progress photo of Rozo, I plan on posting his complete customing journal just as soon as he is done.  In this photo Rozo displays the ability to stand perfectly balanced with no acrylic rods, base, or tail. Also notice the new fully sculpted neck, forehead, ears, jaw line & the start of a new raza tail.