Thursday, December 15, 2011

~Rozo the Alborozo~ continues*

A little more progress was made yesterday as you will note the tiny details on face such as;
*in between the flaring nostril
*detailing around the ear area - creases, rebuilt ear fold
*forelock carefully placed - used real horse reference - and suitable tack friendly
*tiny feather like lashes
*proper side lips

Continued detailing his Vaquera tail;
*with the tiniest running french braid within the tail knot
*sculpted wrap ribbons were added - along with over lapping fold creasing
*12 tassels added

Started the mane;
*3 layered running braids with bands
*24 tassels added

Today Rozo's customing will involve underside work & tiny finishing detail cording to his mane*
complete close up photo's will be soon.

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