Thursday, October 24, 2013

Clayton Corner

You know you are an Artist when;
  • Paints your real riding horse.
  • You explain your untidy home by saying "Work In Progress".
  • You clean your brushes in your coffee.
Many in the Model Horse Art world know the ubbber talented,  easy going, and fun Artist Sherry Clayton who has inspired many an artist including me :) You are a Blast to work with!
This was an Ikantu resin* by Lisa Shepard

Winning a Huge class in Texas 2013

This was a Leggs resin by Liesl Dalpe.  Many subtle changes*

Many More COOLaborations To Come*....

She is an Artist!~ The perfect canvas :)
Courtesy of Sherry

Wonderful Thank You to the Awesome Owner for courtesy to Share!!!!.
*One sales piece in the works* 


:) Hermoso Borlita*
Custom Sculpt ~ the after photo
original form ~ before photo

post in progress.....