Friday, September 6, 2013

~Vintage With A Twist~

Vintage Breyer's can be troublesome to custom & prep as this little stablemate G1 TB Mare was.  But as a reward the finished custom can be amazing!

finish paint work by Jaime Baker, Custom Sculpt by me.

I use sandwich bags at times because they are easy to slip in and out of without moisture. This was the third round of checking for anomalies such as seam lines, rounded canon bones, tiny air holes.

The twist, instead of a mare changed the gender to a steady gelding.

Therefore, the gelding would not look normal with a foal belly. 
The entire belly area was re-shaped.

Ears where completely re-shaped along with totally new hooves. Re-shaped pasterns and added heel bulbs for realism.
The Before Look!
Photo generously provided by Mandy Yontz and cropped by me to show the original form of this Stablemate Breyer G1 TB mare.
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    1. Michele, Yep* Correct improvements & many hours is what this miniture needed : )