Tuesday, March 19, 2013

~Living It Up~

Living up to a past great Gem is no easy task. 
A good friend sent me another Alborozo, just knowing how much I adore this mold I feel this is always a golden opportunity to create a new custom sculpture.  I have found a few great references for the up~coming custom Alborozo 2013.  Please enjoy a few photos of the past Gem ~Rozo.

Finish Paint work by Lisa Bickford* Photograph by Jennifer Buxton*
you can also find a link to Jennifer's Blog were she conversates more about the show;
Finish Paint work of Rozo by Lisa Bickford* & Show Photo
Finish Custom Sculpture of Rozo by Rikki Lyman* & photo
The New Guy* :D   ~(in original form)
See you soon

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