Saturday, September 3, 2011

Rubbing Ron the Wrong Way?

~Ron came to me as a trade, and was primed prior.  WOW, talk about rubbing the wrong way and it was not Ron, it is me :(  Ron was over taxed with layers upon layers of un-needed primer, if I were to guess 7 or 8 layers of primer, eeek.
Many of you have ask what I prefer for stripping? in most cases just old fashioned sanding & buffing off the old excess primer.  Some model prepers do use chemical stripping but I have found that it may leave the plastic molding gummy or rough.
The goal is to make the canvas (model sculpture) professionally suitable for the painting artist to articulate a sensational piece of art work with longevity.
So sand like heck.... :) but leave the detail.
From the photos provided below you can clearly see the layers of primers;  a white, 2/3 of grey, 3 or 4 metallic rust.  If this was to go to a painting artist it could cause several things; gummy finish work, reaction to paint mediums used by artist, easy deep gouge Marks, etc...
Priming does not mean cover up  mistakes with multiple layers of primer, do the leg work and prep properly first, you will get great results.
good luck & have fun

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