Thursday, September 27, 2012

~Riley The Circus Horse~ Ta Dah!!

Fantastic* paint work by Jaime Baker & photo compliments of Jaime Baker*

Digging back into the fond memories of when the circus came to town and performed spectacular tricks with their horses & ponies ignited a creative will, from that passion Riley began.

The entire neck was cut from the TWH stablemate, the tail was removed. The right hind quarter was removed there by placing the right leg in its new position.  Same with front left shoulder & left leg moved to new position. Then very small angle cuts were made at left front knee & pastern.  Super clue & baking soda quickly attach the wire to hold neck to body at the correct length, legs were re-attached the same way.  Apoxy was then generally added, muscling will be added in then next step.
Riley's pedestal was started from a milk jug cap.
The circus monkey's are there for entertainment :)

 Mane & Tail were added by using Apoxy & fine detail started by using Amazing Sculpt.

First coat of primer. Upon this first coat of primer I found a few anomalies including some additional muscling needed on the front leg.
Riley also makes a great kids horse :) (little girl is a Linda York resin)
The pedestal see's stars* cut outs super clued to milk cap.  Then an upper rim was added to look like the real references used.
Riley was ready for the circus* along with a few friends :)

Just one of the many reference photos used along with my son having his real pony pose to see how the muscling & structure moved.

Our Little Circus Pony* The End