Saturday, February 16, 2013

~Idaho Skip~

I am so thrilled of the outcome of  'Idaho Skip' I just had to share*
Finishing paint work performed by Lisa Bickford
Photo courtesy by Lisa Bickford 
Finishing paint work by Lisa Bickford
Photo courtesy by Lisa Bickford
Re~Sculpture performed by Rikki Lyman
*Great Referencing Material & Inspiration*
Photo courtesy of  Natalie Kilpatrick
A great book!!
courtesy of Jody Brainard, photo by Annie Lambert
Link to some great information;
Thank You so much for the Wonderful learning media.
Next I will put together a post of how Skip was created.......


  1. He looks FABULOUS all painted up, Rikki!!! Such a cool, energetic piece!

  2. Many Kind Thanks Michele*
    This in the process of creating this sculpture I learned a few things in the Studio & in the Saddle.