Thursday, February 6, 2014

I See Seahorses...

Casting the tiny Seahorse Medallions was a fun, family, learning experience.  We photo documented our excitement and creative journey.
Ready to swim into your creative imagination*
A gift for me!!  some family member must really loves me! and Wow what a super duper gift.  So to get started I needed a subject?

Found it!  An older doodle I had laying around would make the perfect medallion.  Excitement builds.
What!? no sculpty clay!!! After the quickest jaunt to town and 2 hours later, the start of the Seahorse emerges.

A little more detail and refinement.

The little Seahorse is ready for his molding process* Yeppy!

My right hand man takes over the production of castings.

 Smarty pants :) He makes it look easy*

Would have to say the molding process was the most nail biting, nerve racking part.  We were almost scared to pop it out of the mold (purple lump).  But boy howdy, when we got up the nerve and the first cast ( white resin) came out with ease.   We did the super "Happy Dance" followed by loud whooping and hollering.

The first casting is born!!

The school of seahorses emerge.

Tiny details, wow.

I see seahorses...

This has been a fun process and we look forward to more artistic journeys.
Available for purchase*


  1. Awesome post!!! I loved seeing the whole process! And the sea horse is very cool!!!

  2. Thank You many times over Michele* :D Plans are in the make for a kitty* but maybe he will be a creative fiction?